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This person takes the responsibility to provide small toys and/or craft projects for the children in the waiting area from about 9am until lunch time and then again in the afternoon, both on Friday and Saturday at the clinic. There are some crayons and paper kept at the clinic, but we are always in need of more. Coloring books are ok—but there needs to be enough for all the kids to use. Generally, expect to provide for 50 each day.

The kids range in age from birth to teens.

Games such as bingo or lottorea work pretty well. Paper lunch bags can be made into puppets, paper plates can become masks with eyeholes cut into them. Jump ropes are useful too. Face painting and nail polish are popular with the girls. String and beads can become necklaces or bracelets. Board games like Monopoly tend to not work well.

It is helpful if you speak some Spanish, but not necessary. There are usually some teen volunteers to help with the crafts as well, and a person who will give tooth brushing and nutrition lessons sometime during the day.

This job includes putting out trash bags from the warehouse and maintaining some order, sweeping up after crafts are finished, putting away crayons, toys, etc., after the kids are finished. Sometimes the parents will want to participate and that is always ok.

Owner and Alternates

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