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  • Audiologists volunteering at our clinics must hold a Masters level or Doctorate level degree in Audiology.
  • Graduate Audiology Student’s may participate under the supervision of an Audiologist.
  • Pediatric experience is preferred, but not required.
  • Audiologists are trained to diagnose, manage and/or treat hearing loss, tinnitus, or balance problems. They dispense, manage, and rehabilitate hearing aids and assess candidacy for hearing aids.
    They counsel families through a new diagnosis of hearing loss in infants, and help teach coping and compensation skills and hearing aid use.
  • Skills include, but are not limited to, using an audiometer for air and bone conduction testing, speech testing, tympanometry for basic impedance testing, and hearing aid assessments using real ear and electroacoustic test equipment.
  • Basic understanding of programmable and non-programmable hearing aids is desirable.
  • Writes assessment of hearing and treatment plan in clinic chart notes.
  • Communicates results with parents and the Otolaryngology team.
  • Coordinates play audiometry with team Audiologists or performs standard hearing assessments. Works with team audiologists to achieve audiological testing on patients.
  • Fits donated hearing aids (traditional hearing aids, programmable and analogue and bone vibration.)
  • Obtains donated hearing aids. Writes thank you notes for donated hearing devices.
  • Monitors need for audiological supplies, obtains supplies communicates needs to Bob Chalfa, Inventory control.
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