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Technical Skills

  • Experience with networking (cabling, wireless routers, switches) and troubleshooting
  • Linux (Ubuntu/Debian), Apache, MySQL (i.e., LAMP stack)
  • General desktop support (Windows for volunteers who bring laptops, Mac OS X currently for patient registration)
  • Future requirements will include support for our digital chart system, which will be based on Django, Apache, MySQL, and Android (and possibly IOS devices)

General Duties

  • Ability to attend clinics in Ensenada 4 times a year
  • Assist volunteers who are attempting to access wireless routers for access to internet
  • Ensure printers are operational
  • Ensure network (internal and to Internet) is functional
  • Contact Internet provider when Internet is down and help diagnose issue (some Spanish may be required when communicating with provider, translators are available at the clinic if needed)
  • Learn and understand patient registration system
  • Assist volunteers with logins to patient registration system
  • Contact QWK (hosting service) if patient registration system is down
  • Act as point of contact with volunteers, manage list of requests and issues that need to be resolved for future clinics
  • Communicate with software developers, file bugs against registration and digital chart systems that are encountered during the clinic.

Owner and Alternates

Sign on to the volunteer website and click here to view.

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