Clinic Manager Assistant

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Clinic Manager Assistant

Reports to the clinic manager and performs required tasks from the following list, and anything else identified by the Clinic Manager.

Ideally, there are two persons acting in this role at each clinic

  • After lunch, check to see that trash is picked up in the patio, that the kitchen is cleaned up
  • Check that the craft stuff is put away, patio somewhat clean
  • Check outside the building on the street to see that trash has been picked up
  • Check that garbage cans & bags not overflowing
  • Walk the clinic and make sure things are put away
  • Again walk the clinic to see what’s needed in paper goods, water, cups, etc.
  • Put away files that are no longer needed
  • Check on crafts
  • Bring out toys if needed
  • Walk the clinic to replace or clean whatever’s needed
  • Empty trash if needed
  • Take any needed supplies to hospital

Owner and Alternates

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