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Dental Clinic Director

Before Clinic Duties

  • We have part time staff in Ensenada that is able to assess supplies and equipment repair status. Contact this personregarding supplies and equipment repair status to determine what we need for clinic.

Staffing Needs

Try to organize 2 weeks ahead (need 5 dentists between pedo and general, two orthodontists). The director has a list of these people and their contact information.


  • Pediatric dentists
  • General dentists
  • Orthodontists

Chairside Assistants (between 10 and 12, more then this is too many)

  • UCSD Pre-dental
  • Long Beach State Pre-Dental Club
  • Cal State San Bernadino Pre-Dental Club

During Clinic

  • Generally most effective not doing treatment (need a minimum of five dentists)
  • Lead morning huddle to introduce volunteers to clinic. Detail of huddle depends on experience of volunteers (if all rookies go over everything) should cover basic procedures set ups etc. Experienced clinician can lead.
  • Work as “floater” during clinic, usually many small problems best solved by someone experienced (supplies, instruments etc.)
  • Maintain patient flow (triage if needed) Periodic check with Gloria or hub
  • Deal with x-ray problems
  • Supervise undergraduate clinicians (best to assign to experienced clinician) all steps in their work should be checked
  • Host visitors and media
  • Maintain list of needed supplies and equipment problems (arrange with Equipment Room owner for repairs ASAP or next clinic)

Shutdown Clinic

  • Supervise clean-up and cover-up of equipment (if clinic runs very late, Equipment Room owner may need to do most of this)
  • Make up reorder list for next clinic
  • Make up repair list
  • Make sure all participants accounted for either on buses or cars and clinic is empty
  • Order food (pizza) for bus riders (hospital volunteers as well) before departure (Becky will do this, Gloria has cash)

Owner and Alternates

Sign on to the volunteer website and click here to view.

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