Equipment Room

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Equipment Room

  • Turn on the main propane tank.
  • Make sure the 5 gal spare tank is over ½ full
  • Light the hot water heater
  • Turn on the recurculating pump
  • Check the filter indicators on the compressors, and if in the green plug in both compressors and turn one on.
  • Check the outlet hoses on the 2 vacuum pumps. They should be in the drain tubes to the left of the pumps.
  • If all is ok, plug in and start the 2 vacuum pumps
  • At the end of the day on Saturday, do just the opposite and shut everything down.
  • Check again Sunday morning to make sure everything is shut down and the equipment room door locked.Surgical and dental supplies are stored in the main warehouse in the rear of the building adjacent and to the south of the clinic.

Owner and Alternates

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