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  • Keep track of inventory ins and outs on Med Supply (formerly Supply Pro) software
  • Add new items when needed with the following info:
    • Manufacture’s part number
    • Supplier
    • Supplier number
    • Price
    • Lot number and expiration date when applicable
    • Starting maximum on hand and reorder point
    • Stocking location (bin and shelf number)
  • Scan items out as they are used. Make sure and scan the TSF label, not the manufacturer’s bar code.
  • Reorder items used utilizing software
  • Print and place bar code labels on each item as soon as it is delivered to the office in Bonita. Make sure the lot number and exp date on the label match the product
  • Import or get items across border by other means and transport same to Ensenada
  • Place items on shelf in their proper spot.
  • Take selected inventory on Sunday, items most subject to mistakes such as gloves and high cost items that we stock only one or two of such as sutures.
    • Should take complete inventory once a year for year end accounting.
  • Meds
    • Scan out all meds that individually begin with 1000 and place them in a box on Friday evening to be taken to the hospital Saturday Morning.
    • After surgery items are returned to the clinic, scan in all meds that were not used and return them to their respective places on the shelves. Make sure and scan each one individually to record correctly all lot numbers and expiration dates
    • Be aware of expiration dates in the event we have the wrong label on an item.
    • Any meds that were stored in the refrigerator should be returned there.
  • Taking Physical Inventory

Owner and Alternates

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More details

The surgical supplies were tracked and controlled from 2002 until mid 2009 a commercial inventory control program called WASP MOBILE INVENTORY All items are assigned a Thousand Smiles stock number. This number contains seven digits and starts at 1000000. In 2009 we changed to a program called VISUAL SUPPLY PRO and have started to utilize bar codes to assist in dispensing and reordering items. The dental supplies were added to this system in 2010. For more information on this program please visit their website. This program is installed on a server in Bonita. It can be accessed via Windows Remote Desktop where ever there is a computer with internet access. See Bob Chalfa or Syd Logan for access information. We still refer to the WASP program for movement history between 2002 and 2009 whenever necessary.

Items are ordered from a list generated by the computer. This should happen immediately after each clinic. When the ordered items ordered from US suppliers are received in Bonita they are entered into the computerized inventory and a Thousand Smiles barcode label is printed and attached to each item. A case lot label is affixed to the outside of the box on items ordered by the case. These items are preferably tracked as "each" as opposed to "case" or "box" whenever possible, even if they are generally purchased and dispensed in full boxes. The exceptions are items such as gloves, q-tips, ID bracelets and other items that are small. These items are tracked and dispensed by the box. Purchased items are taken to Bob Chalfa's Tijuana office one or two boxes at a time during he 3 month period between clinics. Items purchased in Tijuana are delivered to the Tijuana office. Prior to each clinic the new orders are picked up in Tijuana and taken to the Ensenada warehouse. Each item is placed on the shelf in it's preassigned place usually on Thursday or first thing Friday.

Dental supplies are stored in smaller quantities in a stock room next to the lunch room on the second floor and in the cabinets adjacent to each operatory. These items are restocked as needed from the inventory in the main warehouse.

We have a surgery supply truck that is stocked with all supplies for the Saturday surgery day. This truck is stocked on Friday after the new order has been put away in the warehouse. Each item's TSF barcode is scanned and in addition a list is made of all items removed from the warehouse and placed in the truck. This list must include quantity, TSF stock number, manufacturer's stock number and description. Accuracy is of utmost importance in this step. Eventually we hope that we will only have to scan the items, but since we are just starting to use the barcodes we feel that the written list should be used at this time. All items removed from inventory and placed in the truck or the dental stock room are treated as if they were used and are deducted from inventory. All items with lot numbers and expiration dates are also tracked by the software. When the individual item barcode is scanned, the scanner will register quantity one. when the case lot label is scanned, the scanner will register the quantity that is contained in a FULL case. Care should be taken to not scan the case lot labels when handling an opened box that may have had items removed. Care must also be taken to only scan the Thousand Smiles label. Items may have 2 or 3 barcode labels. Our labels are unique and easily spotted. If the item does not have our label, do not scan the manufacture's or any other label. Just write down the description and make note that the product did not have a TSF label.

The goal is to have a minimum 6 month supply (2 clinics) of all items in the warehouse along with the stock that is left in the truck and the dental area after the last clinic. Thus we theoretically have on hand 2 to 3 times the quantities we will use of each item at each clinic. Due to the fact that many people have access to the warehouse during a clinic, inventory errors are common, but since we have so much redundancy built into the system, critical shortages have been rare. We do not use any expired items in our clinics with the exception of Methylene Blue which in our program is used only as a skin marker and is not injected.

Up until now most surgical and dental supplies have been ordered on line from several US suppliers. Due to border crossing problems we are presently attempting to purchase more and more items from Mexican suppliers.

All drugs and meds are purchased from the Farmacia del Mar, Ave De Las Arenas #151, Ensenada, BC 02130. Their telephone is (646) 176-2105 and the contacts are Jose Luis Martinez or Laura Oseguera. The order is generated by the computer and placed a couple of weeks before each clinic. TSF has an open account with them. Dental items can be ordered from Dental Azul, in Tijuana. Tel (664) 688-2777. contacts are Cynthia Yebra, Gina or the owner Lucia Ramirez.

In addition to supplies, various monitors and other equipment used in the surgery program are stored and maintained in the warehouse.

Any questions or comments regarding inventory should be directed to Bob Chalfa. (619) 470-2885 or Nextel 122*23*2943 . If you cannot find Bob during a clinic, Becky Ramirez will probably be able to help you.

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