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Basically, your responsibilities as an alternate include:

  • Stay current with the requirements of the job you are an alternate owner of. This can occur via communication with the owner, and by staying up to date with changes that are made to the job description on the wiki.
  • Ensure that you work with the owner to receive any required training.
  • Be responsive to requests from the owner for help. Try and respond to phone calls or e-mails regarding this within 24 hours. This is particularly important close to the clinic date.
  • Try and recruit others to become alternates for the job, as this increases our coverage of the job in the event that you or the owner are in need of help.
  • Work with the owner to identify improvements to how your job is done.
  • Identify issues with the wiki job description and work with the job owner and the person who manages the wiki content to ensure the wiki is updated.
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