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As an owner, your responsibilities include:

  • Knowledge of the job that you own, as described on the wiki.
  • Keeping the wiki description of your job updated. TBD how to communicate changes.
  • Look for ways to improve the manner by which your job is done, and work with your peers and the board of directors in communicating and carrying out changes.
  • Enforce consistency. Again, changes are good, but they need to be planned for and communicated well ahead of time. We need consistency clinic-to-clinic, so that all of the various jobs know what to expect from you and your team.
  • Report to the Clinic Manager or Board of Directors, or as designated on the wiki, any issues related to the job that need to be addressed, as appropriate.
  • Assemble, train, and communicate with other volunteers needed to carry out your job. For example, the Dental Coordinator is responsible for recruiting and training the dental staff of the clinic.
  • Make sure those working with you get breaks and meals during the course of the day.
  • Act as a resource for other volunteers, answering their questions and solving problems.
  • Report the status of your area to the Clinic Manager, and identify problems to the Clinic Manager that require his or her assistance. The Clinic Manager is there to try and resolve issues that you cannot resolve yourself (perhaps because they are related to other clinic functions outside of your control).
  • Solicit and train alternates for your job. We desire at least one alternate for each job to take over in the case you are unable to perform duties, for whatever reason.
  • When there are no alternates for your job, attempt to recruit them.
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