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A Rotary club or an independent group generally provides this on Friday and Saturday, because the families are at the clinic almost the whole day. Usually, there is a need for 300 bagged lunches on Friday, and about 200 on Saturday.

The bag lunch should consist of a plastic wrapped sandwich with lunchmeat and cheese, mayo and/or mustard, 2 or 3 plastic wrapped cookies, a drink, and a napkin. The TSF dentists frown upon candy—please don’t include any. Fruit is ok as long as it is something easily cleaned up. Think about healthy meals.

It is possible to buy the supplies needed in Mexico at Costco. It is advisable to buy them ahead of the day needed. Your group should be at the clinic with the food by 10 am.

There are tables available to use. You will need plastic tablecloths to cover the table to put your sandwiches together. Generally, lunch is served between 11:30- 12:00 to the patients and their families. Everybody gets a lunch. Occasionally, we get some extra people asking for food from the park. If there is food, please feed them also. Only hungry people ask for food! We want to maintain a friendly relationship with our neighbors.

Plastic garbage bags are available in the warehouse for trash and cleanup. Please police the area after the lunches are given out. If there is extra food left after lunch, we can see that it is given either to an orphanage or the Alburque where the nuns feed the homeless in Ensenada. They provide beds for our patients who come from out of town—so we try to repay them with food when we are able.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Kim Muslusky at 858-376-2400 or email

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