Pre-Clinic Volunteer Coordinator

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Pre-Clinic Volunteer Coordinator

This person performs various duties that are required to ensure that we have sufficient volunteers in place. Works with various coordinators (Surgery, Dental, Lunches) to ensure that we have enough staff to run the clinic.

Typical Duties

  • Ensures we have hired mexican anesthesiologists for surgeries (contacts Rosie in Ensenada to accomplish this).
  • Monitors the registrations as they occur on the volunteer website.
  • Works with the nursing coordinator to estimate number of nurses coming.
  • Ensures that job requirements are known and positions are filled before the day of the clinic
  • Also, monitors the volunteer site, Facebook, and other resources for questions, concerns from volunteers; ensures that answers are provided.
  • Works with the website personnel make sure issues with volunteer site are dealt with
  • Uses phone, e-mail, Facebook, or volunteer site as appropriate to communicate with volunteers

Owner and Alternates

Sign on to the volunteer website and click here to view.

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