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Job Description

In this job, you will maintain the volunteer registration system. This is a programming job. It involves writing and testing code for bug fixes and new features.

Our volunteer registration system is web based, and is hosted on Amazon EC2. We use Django/Python with a MySQL backend as the basis for our system.

Skills Required

  • Ability to write code (object-oriented preferred)
  • MYSQL administration (phpmyadmin or similar)
  • Python coding skills (or a desire to learn)
  • Moderate to strong Django skills/experience (or a desire to learn). We are based on Django 1.3
  • Understanding of LAMP (the P in this case stands for Python, not PHP)
  • Basic HTML/CSS skills. We isolate user interface in template files, which are maintained by an HTML/CSS developer (or by us if we don't have a web developer available).
  • GIT (CVS or Subversion skills useful but you will be expected to learn GIT)
  • Familiarity with patch/diff (or a willingness to learn)
  • Ability to do code reviews (and willingness to have your code reviewed)


Read about Django Here

Owner and Alternates

Sign on to the volunteer website and click here to view.

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