Traveling Safely in Mexico

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Due to recent security problems experienced by travelers in Baja California we would like to make the following suggestions:

First, refer to the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories for Mexico. You can find them by clicking here. State Dept Advisory Page.

Currently, there is a travel alert posted by the US Government. Please read it carefully. Current Mexico Travel Advisory

Second, most clinics we will provide bus transportation to and from Ensenada for a small fee. Bus_Travel_to_and_from_the_clinic

If you do travel down on your own:

1-Plan your trip to start and finish in daylight

2-When possible caravan with at least 2 or 3 vehicles.

3-Don't pull over for any vehicles that are not clearly marked as police vehicles even if they display red flashing lights.

4-If you have more than one vehicle try to always take the one that attracts less attention. In other words, leave the Rolls Royce at home.

5-Leave your expensive jewelry and watches at home.

6-Always drive within the speed limit. Remember the signs are in kilometers per hour. Don't drink and drive. Try not to do anything that would give a police officer reason to pull you over. If you do everything right you will be more likely to suspect that the red flashing lights behind you are not from a police vehicle rather than pulling over automatically.

7-Don't pull off the road to take a nap or camp out. Wait until you get to the rest area at one of the toll stations.

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