Bus Day of Travel Ticket Collection and Sales

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Bus Day of Travel Ticket Collection and Sales

This job includes the following tasks:

  • Coordinate with the volunteer responsible for arranging bus travel to obtain updates regarding bus pickup times, if any
  • Call the Westfield Plaza in Chula Vista during the week, prior to departure, to advise them that we will be leaving cars Friday and possibly Saturday night in their parking. The contact info can be obtained from the Bus Coordinator
  • Be at the bus at the various pickup points well before volunteers arrive
  • As volunteers board, ensure they have a ticket or receipt (from online payment), or are able to show an e-mail that verifies payment
  • Use the volunteer registration page online or a printout to verify attendance, as appropriate
  • Give seating priority to volunteers who prepaid online
  • Sell remaining seats to volunteers, space permitting, who did not pay online but wish to ride
  • Ensure money collected is handled properly
  • Pick up wireless credit card processor package from Bob prior to departure day.
    • Make sure you know how to use it, including how to process a charge with and without the card present, how to give a credit, how to change the battery, how to change paper.
  • When a volunteer pays, have volunteer sign one receipt and give the other to him or her.
  • Keep the receipts in the pouch provided in the package along with any cash payments
  • Give the package and the contents to the Clinic Coordinator at the clinic.
  • Make sure you have valid cell phone numbers for the drivers. Try them out prior to the departure day. The Bus Coordinator should get these numbers for you.

Owner and Alternates

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