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Clinic Manager

Has overall responsibility for the smooth operation of the clinic and makes sure things not related directly to volunteers are in place. Works with one or more assistants to handle the numerous tasks that are needed to make sure the clinic functions smoothly.

This person is at the clinic both Friday and Saturday. On Friday, they are at the main clinic, and on Saturday, they are found at the hospital (the clinic facility focuses on dental work on Saturday and the Dental Clinic Coordinator becomes the de-facto clinic manager there).

The Clinic Manager checks in with the following regularly during the clinic and makes sure that things are going to plan. Should problems exist, the Clinic Manager is responsible for bringing the various resources of the clinic together in a way that addresses the problems in the best way possible. In short, this person must make sure each area of the clinic is going well, identify problems and bottlenecks, and make sure responsible parties are notified so that action can be taken in case of problems. Must be aware of the entire clinic operation and the procedures that each department follows (as documented on this wiki). Has overall responsibility for the operation of the clinic.

Interacts with the following groups and coordinators (at a minimum):

  • Nursing coordinator
  • ENT
  • Bus/Transportation
  • Audiology
  • Speech
  • Registration/Charts
  • Patient reception area outdoors
  • Hub
  • Dental Coordinator
  • Dental Patient Control
  • Inventory
  • Truck
  • Lunches
  • Surgical screening (Surgeons)
  • Activities/Children Coordinator
  • Lunchroom
  • Clinic Manager Assistants

Friday and Saturday person who makes sure volunteers are welcomed, that jobs are properly filled, and volunteer related issues (problems, need for breaks and food) are satisfied.

Some additional duties include:

  • Greets the Group from Ensenada who help at registration
  • Greet doctors, dentists, nurses, and volunteers as they arrive and thanks them
  • Pay anesthesiologists at hospital
  • Find a person to sell t-shirts
  • Assess what needs we will have for staffing the next clinic, and report to the pre-clinic coordinator

Owner and Alternates

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