Dental Patient Control

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Dental Patient Control

Dental patients are routed to the Dental Scheduling Desk. This is situated on the left hand side of the stairway going up to the second floor. The person manning this station is responsible for:

1- Keeping a steady flow of patients for the dentists.

2- Making sure that patients and family waiting for treatment do not go upstairs to the clinic or wait on the stairs prior to the time they are to see a dentist.

3- Scheduling patients for the current clinic and/or future clinics, always giving priority to surgical candidates.

4- Maintaining or passing custody of the patient's charts to the proper person.

Also see dental and dental-only patient


  • Registers and schedules patients for the dentists
  • Makes up a master list with the patients name only
  • Accepts surgery patients for scheduling, they generally have their charts with them
  • Most of the patients are registered by the wives of the Ensenada Rotarians, they do not have charts.
  • The Ensenada wives present a list of the patients they have checked in outdoors.
  • Gloria makes out a dental form for each patient
  • First sends them to x-ray with the form
  • They come back with their X Rays and the form
  • Then sends them out to the patio to wait
  • Endeavors to have a backlog of at least 3 patients waiting
  • When Dental asks, sends the patients up to them with their form and x-rays.
  • When finished they return the form and x-rays.
  • Puts a brief description of what was done on the master list.
    • The master list stays in a file cabinet near where processing of dental patients is done, until the following clinic

Owner and Alternates

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