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Director of Surgery (DOS): Job description

The DOS coordinates with the physician Chief of Surgery to build the surgery schedule for the day of surgery. The DOS will be credentialed as an RN, an Operating Room Technician or a physician. The more OR experience the DOS has, the better the surgical clinic will be.

Who the DOS Supervises

The DOS will supervise the following positions:

  • Coordinator of Pre- and Postoperative Patient Care
  • Assistant Director (Coordinator of Instruments & Supplies)
  • Reporting to the Asst. Director are:
    • Supply Cart Manager
    • Instrument technician
    • Sterilization technician
  • Coordinator of PACU (postoperative acute care unit)
  • Discharge Coordinator
  • Staff nurses
  • Contract nurses
  • Contract anesthesiologists

Flow of Work


  1. Arrive at dental clinic. Connect with the Hub Driver, Surgery Coordinator and Chief of Surgery. Survey the status of surgical instruments, sterilizers and sterilizer supplies, and available surgeons.
  2. Identify availability of Coordinators and appoint as necessary.
  3. Prepare the OR schedule in consultation with Chief of Surgery and ENT surgeon.
  4. Assure patients are properly identified with arm bands on both patient and caretaker/parent.
  5. Assure availability of local anesthesiologists and OR nurses.
  6. Assure availability of drugs. Create a checklist noting who received and returned same.
  7. Advise assigned truck transport persons when supply carts, instruments, sterilizers and other supplies are read to be loaded.


At Start of Day
  1. Arrive at Hospital General de Ensenada at 6:30 and make contact with the hospital’s OR supervisor.
  2. Assure patients are being checked in in the Admissions area.
  3. Help unload truck.
  4. Set up schedule board.
  5. When anesthesia, OR staff and surgeons are all present start the schedule by sending for the first patients.
  6. Check each patient for identity and completeness of required paperwork (i.e. lab work, consent documents).
  7. Verify procedure to be completed by asking parent/custodian.
  8. Assure adequate staffing in all rooms throughout the day.
  9. Provide relief for lunch break.
  10. Log in all personnel and visitors.
  11. Confer with Chief of Surgery and ENT surgeon as needed.
  12. Complete Smile Train paperwork with pictures.
  13. Maintain OR schedule record in digital format.
  14. Observe all major case inductions and reversal of anesthesia.
  15. Dispense drugs to anesthesia and staff nurses using checksheet.
At End of Day
  1. Do not begin a major case after 3 pm
  2. Coordinate takedown of equipment and supplies and help load the truck.
  3. Save towels for reprocessing
  4. Inspect for complete removal of all TSF goods.
  5. Retrieve all unused drugs, using drug checksheet.
  6. Return drugs to warehouse supervisor.
  7. Pay contract anesthesia personnel and obtain receipts.
  8. Send completed schedule to Smile Train documentation coordinator.

Owner and Alternates

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