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Fund Raising'

1986. The first fund-raiser was held at Pedro Santana's Rancho San Pedro, 17 miles east of Tecate. This effort netted $22,000.00. Governor Jessop and Rotary Foundation Chairman Bill Darton (National City Rotary) suggested applying for a Rotary Foundation Special Grant. This Grant was applied for and received in the amount of $50,000.00, with the stipulation that Thousand Smiles match the amount.
1997. A second fiesta was held at the same place in June, 1987, netting $18,000.00.
1998. A third fiesta was held in July, 1988, raising $25,000.00. This surpassed our obligation to Rotary Foundation by $15,000.00.
1989. We had no event in 1989
1990-91. We resumed our annual fund-raisers in 1990, and 1991 at Terry Brown's Rancho Santamaguma in Guatay.
1992. The 1992 event was held at Swiss Park in Chula Vista.
1993,94 and 95. The 1993, 1994 and 1995 events were held at the Otay Ranch in Chula Vista
1996. Cathy Lebovitz, the wife of Dr. Marc Lebovitz, one of our surgical volunteers, organized a gala event at the Hotel Del Coronado. The event was a big success and netted the foundation around $60,000.00
. 1999 - The Joseph Drown Foundation gave us $150,000 grant which was eventually used to purchase equipment for the dental clinic on Mexico Ave.
Dates unknown - The Ronald McDonald foundation gave us $50,000
Dates unknown - Joan Crock gave us $25,000
2003-2007 - The La Mesa Sunrise Rotary did five yearly "Thousand laughs for Thousand Smiles" events, raising a total of $120,000 for the charity.
2010. Bob and Gloria Chalfa hosted a fundraiser at their home. 125 people attended. The event netted a little over $15,000.00
2012-2019. Old Mission Rotary did their "So You Think You Got Talent" event each year and raised approximately 1/3 of the yearly operating costs for Thousand Smiles.

Many Rotary clubs have participated with the Rotary Foundation getting grants for various projects throughout the history of the Thousand Smiles Foundation

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