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Job description

In this job, you will assist our software developers by applying your skills with HTML/CSS to improve the look and feel of our patient registration system.

Our volunteer registration system is template based, meaning that the logic of the website is separate (to a degree) from the HTML/CSS code used to display content. In this role, you will be responsibility for taking simple web page templates and applying your skills with CSS and HTML to provide a consistent look and feel across the website. You will be given template files and information about the data being passed to the templates, and you will produce and test your changes and commit the results to a repository on completion (or provide patches to the developers who will commit your changes for you).

Skills Required

  • Strong HTML/CSS skills (ability to hand edit HTML templates, CSS creation is up to you)

Desired Skills

  • Knowledge of patch or diff
  • Basic Unix skills (ability to login to a Unix command line, use "cd" command, etc..)
  • Django/Python skills (we currently use Python 2.7, Django 1.3)

More about Templates in Django

Read More about Templates Here

Owner and Alternates

Sign on to the volunteer website and click here to view.

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