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The Saturday clinic occurs both at two locations: the screening and dental clinic, as well as the hospital.

At the screening clinic, dental patients are seen, and (to a limited extent) cleft patients who could not make it Friday will be seen, subject to staffing levels. The hours of this clinic are generally the same as on Friday.

At the weight gain, surgeries that were scheduled Friday are carried out. The hours there typically are early morning (6 a.m. to 7 a.m.), and end when the last patient has been discharged for the day. Sometimes, the work at the hospital can go late into the night, depending on how many kids need to be seen, and surgery room availability.


Patient Registration and Preoperative Preparation

Admissions area: All patients are received in the General Hospital emergency entrance area. Patients will have been instructed to arrive at 6 am on Saturday. Nursing personnel will receive the patients and match them with their TSF charts. Preoperative examination will include at least a weight, temperature and blood pressure assessment.

Nursing personnel in the preoperative preparation area will call for patients as needed. In preop the patient's clothes are removed and a patient gown is provided. When requested by the Director of Surgery (or person running the schedule) the patient and her parent are escorted to the area immediately outside the operating room.

Supplies, Instruments and Sterilization

Supply carts are maintained in the immediate operative area. Supplies include single use drapes, sponges, suction, sutures and more.

Instrument sets have been sterilized on the previous day and are dispensed from the supply cart as needed.

"Flash" sterilization is used when instruments need to be used a second time. Sterilization is accomplished by TSF table top sterilizers in the decontamination room in the operating room suite.

Operating rooms

Scheduling Board: the Director of Surgery manages the schedule board throughout the surgery day. Patients are called to the operating room area as rooms become available. The patient's chart much travel with him.

Identity assurance: the patient is identified by the parent to the DOS and the staff nurse in the patient's room.

Procedure: when ready the anesthesiologist initiates anesthesia and the surgeons and staff nurses accomplish the designated procedure. All AORN standards for sterility and quality assurance are applied.

Recovery: when the anesthesiologist determines the patient is sufficiently awakened he is moved to the PACU (postoperative acute care unit).

PACU, Postoperative area and Discharge

Patients are brought to the PACU immediately from the operating room. They are monitored 1:1 for signs of recovery (i.e., respiration, pulse, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, etc.)

When the coordinator of PACU or staff nurse determines the patient is suffiently recovered the patient is discharged to the parent in the postoperative area.

Discharge of the patient occurs as determined by physician order.

Access to Operating Room Suite

Access to the operating room area is strictly monitored. A log-in sheet is kept to record all staff and visitors.

Persons entering the OR suite must be properly attired. That includes scrub clothes, shoe covers, hair covering and masks (in the immediate OR). Local hospital procedures will be strictly followed.

Only 4 observors will be allowed at any time during a surgical procedure.

Patient Forms

Forms are provided to each patient, in Spanish, with after surgery care instructions, and return to clinic reminders.

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